TurboTax Lawsuit

Information on the TurboTax Class Action Lawsuit due to the wide scale tax fraud that was committed.

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TurboTax Data Breach

How some had their online accounts breached and others had fake accounts created in their name.

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TurboTax Lawsuit FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about the TurboTax Lawsuit and other useful information.

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Call us now if you have become the victim of tax fraud due to TurboTax!

Turbo Tax Lawsuit

Did you recently find yourself to be the victim of tax fraud due to TurboTax?  

This may have happened for a number of reasons but primarily we're hearing from people that either:

  • Your account had been brute force attacked, and Your password was reset.


  • Information was used to create fake accounts from other data breaches such as Anthem or Premera Blue Cross Blue shield

People who are a previous customer and people who have never used Turbotax before are finding out when they go to file, there had already been a tax form sent in their name and address.  Many times people may see a second name on their documents of the person who the check was supposed to go to.

Real damage is being seen due to the negligence of Intuit.  

Many victims are currently dealing with:

  • Tax fraud incident reports with the IRS
  • Police reports to document the internet crime
  • Harassing phone calls and letters being sent in the mail for services never requested
  • Waiting 180 days before the incident clears up

TurboTax Lawsuit Evaluations

The Abbott Law Group, P.A. is currently investigating potential claims for people who meet the criteria for the TurboTax Lawsuit.  If you or a loved one has become the victim of identity theft and TurboTax was used to file a fraudulent tax return, than you may have a case.  Call us now for a free consultation and find out if you may be eligible to take part in the TurboTax class action lawsuit. 

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